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Our women

Our work allows women with limited education and experience to become financially stable, foster positive social networks, care for their children, and improve their quality of life. In India, we call them our Ladies and in Kenya, they are Mamas. They are family to us. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. They are women coming from domestic violence, divorce, acid attacks, limited education, refugees, and housewives.

During their time in our project, they heal, gain skills, build confidence, become financially literate, are better providers for their families, and ultimately lead to more independent lives. 

Project Três has supported over 100 women so far. 


Our artisan testimonials - India



Farida, 39

“The biggest transformation the project brought me was moving from being helped to helping other women. Working on the project makes me really happy and it gives me the opportunity to make other women understand that they can also improve their lives.”


Lalita, 27

“When I first met Carla, I was in financial trouble. I’ve been through a lot of personal suffering and challenges, but now I feel motivated to work and grateful because I am able to support my kids.”


Rupa, 38

“For me, women empowerment means financial independence, for me and for the ladies who are working with me on the project. I feel really proud to see how far we’ve come and all the women involved in Project Três are also delighted.”



Our artisan testimonials - Kenya


Violet, 36

“I joined the project in 2017 and since then my life has changed a lot. It makes me really satisfied to realise that I am making money with my own work. I feel very thankful for everything, especially for learning how to make these products. This is my job now.”


Linda, 27:

“I didn’t have a good job to support myself and my kids. Thanks to Project Três, I am now able to work, earn more money, and buy food and clothes for my family. Hai Africa also helps with the education of one of my children, so we are really improving our lives.”


Evelyn, 24:

“I joined the project because I need to support myself and my daughter. At the moment, she lives in the countryside, far away from me, because I don’t have a house for us. Thanks to Project Três I am now working to make this dream happen.”