Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that, for thousands of years, has been used as material to make objects and ornaments. Our soapstone collection was made to bring a touch of Kenyan art to your home decor. The stone is carved in Kisii and then the pieces are carefully shipped to our workshop in Nairobi, where the mamas are responsible for adding a touch of personal art to every item. They wash, paint, polish and carve to produce unique designs that represent their Kenyan heritage. It might take up to 11 hours to have one single piece of soapstone ready, but the result pays off.  

Named after Aisha, this rectangular soapstone plate is for decor only, as the perfect spot to put keys, jewelry and gems and other small items to display and store. 

Our products support the creation of sustainable and meaningful job opportunities in India and Kenya. 

Each of our designs is produced and packed with love and care, ensuring it stays safe and sound on its journey from our home to yours. Each order includes a sticker and postcard with information about Project Três and the artisan who made your item. Delivery time depends on your location and shipping method.

This product was made in Nairobi, Kenya, and shipped to our HQ in Berlin, Germany - where all our orders are shipped from.