We partnered with three very talented artists from Brazil to create posters to inspire, decor and add a splash of female power to your place. Fernanda Peralta, Laressa Quaglia and Priscilla Araújo wanted to express her thoughts through beautiful illustrations. To Priscilla, the experience made her feel the power of our inner strength as women, and the importance of understanding our value and potential.

  • Made in Germany
  • 100% of the profits go to support our Center in India.
  • Printed in A3 and Metapaper extrarough, white.
  • Printed in FSC certified paper (sustainable management of forests)
  • Unframed
  • Available in three different versions - sold individually

Our products support the creation of sustainable and meaningful job opportunities in India and Kenya. 

Each of our designs is produced and packed with love and care, ensuring it stays safe and sound on its journey from our home to yours. Each order includes a sticker and postcard with information about Project Três and the artisan who made your item. Delivery time depends on your location and shipping method.